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Our ultimate goal is to help build an ever more prosperous cosmopolitan society by providing beauty solutions, in the form of products and related information, to meet customers need. We are specialists in the area of stretched fabrics, which are essential for the intimate apparel products we manufactured. Today, we are utilizing the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years to develop new fields, brands, and business models, under our design policy based on they keywords of Beauty, Health, and Comfort. For more than half a century, we have nurtured a corporate culture under which people with great creativity are encouraged to carefully tailor Intimate Apparel for women. Our focus today is expanding from simple idea of women's beauty to lifestyles. We have adopted a new philosophy af addressing both "physique" and "emotions" with our products. We want to ensure that we address both mental and physical beauty, and that we are sufficiently tuned in to our customers to be inspired by each woman's individuality, lifestyle and values. We believe that our mission goes well beyond our business goals, entailing cultural activities as well. 



Wacoal has set up operations in major areas of the world : Europe (Wacoal France S.A., Wacoal UK Ltd), America (Wacoal America,Inc., Wacoal Sports Science Corp.), and Asia (Wacoal China Co.Ltd, Guangdong Wacoal Inc., Dalian Wacoal Co. Ltd, Wacoal Hong Kong Co.Ltd, Wacoal Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Wacoal Singapore Pte.Ltd, Indonesia Wacoal Co.Ltd, Philippine Wacoal Corp, Shinyoung Wacoal Inc., Thai Wacoal, Taiwan Wacoal Co. Ltd, Vietnam Wacoal Corp)


HISTORY of Wacoal Japan / International

1946 :   Wako Shoji (predecessor to Wako Corp.) founded by Koichi Tsukamoto

1951 :

- 1st Branch office established at Osaka (Osaka Branch)

- Begin manufacturing operations at the factory

1957 :  Company name changed to Wacoal Inc

1964 :   

- Company name changed to Wacoal Corp

- Wacoal listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo and Osaka

Stock Exchange and the Kyoto Stock Exchanges

1971 : Wacoal listed in the First Section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange

1972 : Wacoal International Corp (current WING Division) established

1991 :  Indonesia Wacoal Co.,Ltd. Established as a joint venture company



HISTORY of PT Indonesia Wacoal


- PT Sumber Indah Permai founded by Suryadi Sasmita (as a President Director also as a shareholder)

- The 1st rented-office located at Jl. Kali Besar Barat No 2 1st Floor, Jakarta

- Begin to established the factory located at Jl Tarikolot RT01/RW01 No 59, Citeureup, Bogor

- Pre-sell for Wacoal imported product by opening 5 counters


- The number of counter increase into 15 counters

- The Bogor factory had finished the construction.

- Begin the production with 105 units os sewing machine and 80 operator

1985    Head office Jakarta moved to Jl. Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta Pusat

1987    Jakarta Marketing Office build at Komplek Kota Grogol Permai, Blok A30-39, Jln Prof Dr Latumenten, Jakarta Barat (owned building)

1989    Sumber Indah Permai receiving "Permanent Business Permit" by Industrial Department of Indonesian Republic


- Wacoal Japan and PT Sumber Indah Permai as the signatories of the joint venture agreement on January

- Company name changed to PT Indonesia Wacoal (the share composition by Wacoal Japan, Wacoal Thai Bangkok, Wacoal Taiwan and Local partner)

2002    Develop and deploy the Quality Management System ISO 9002:1994

2003    Certificated for implementing Quality Management System from TüV-Germany (ISO 9002) in Manufacturing Distribution



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